Event Report: Tacoma, WA


SILVANO ALVES: was 2 for 3 this past weekend and earned 20 world points with a 14th place finish in the event. Silvano remains 25th in the PBR world standings with 563.32 points. Silvano qualified for the event championship round, his fourth event in a row to do so.

JESS LOCKWOOD: went 1 for 2 this weekend highlighted by placing fourth in round 1. Jess earned 45 world standings points and he remains seventh in the world with 1,570 points. Jess qualified for the event championship round but was unable to compete due to him aggravating a riding hand injury he sustained mid-week on his ranch that required five stitches.

Jess failed to ride his attempt in the 15 / 15 bucking battle Saturday night